St Patrick'sLunch Feature Menu

Tuesday March 15th to Sunday March 20th


Pride of Erin soup $6.00
Cabbage-onion-potato in a chicken broth
Bird Flanagan Potato Pancakes (2) $8.00
Shredded potato, Canadian bacon, diced onion and cheddar cheese


Broccoli, potato & bacon quiche with cheddar cheese $15.00
Served with soup or house salad
Bird Flanagan Potato Pancakes (4) $12.00
Shredded potato-Canadian bacon-diced onion and cheddar cheese
Guinness Steak Pot Pie with soup or salad $16.00
Beef Shepherds pie $16.00
Braised Brisket stack sandwich served with soup or salad $15.50
Guinness sauerkraut, aged cheddar with grainy mustard on rye bread


Baileys Crème brulee
Irish cream chocolate mousse cake