Welcome to the New Dundee Emporium

home_pic.jpgAs you make your way through the gently rolling hills of Wilmot Township farmland toward the picturesque village of New Dundee, quilted acres of soy beans and corn fields glide by. Clusters of trees seem to stand still, way off in the distance. Dilapidated 19th-century silos, the remnants of old-fashioned barn raisings, still stand alongside modern Canadian barns, while cows and horses and sheep graze the tranquil land.

Walk through the circa 1887 front door to be greeted by the gentle chime of the same mercantile bell that has announced generations of customers. Hardwood floors creak beneath your feet and invite you to slow your pace. The artisanal giftware and gourmet food products that line the original shelves catch your curiosity and imagination.

...and the aromas wafting from the kitchen entice you to settle into your seat at a table in one of our three cozy rooms for lunch, afternoon tea, or a specialty dinner.

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