Dinner hours 5 pm and 7:30 pm. on any Friday or Saturday night with reservations.


Chef's Soup Feature $7.00
French Onion Soup $9.00
Spanish onions, white wine, brandy and sherry in a beef broth with croutons and melted swiss cheese


Add Chicken breast or Salmon fillet for $7.00 extra

House salad dressing choices; honey garlic/honey mustard/balsamic vinegar and olive oil/raspberry vinaigrette

Classic French Spinach Salad $10.00
Organic tender baby spinach, red onion, Ontario mushroom, country farm double smoked, hard boiled egg tossed in a creamy roasted garlic dressing
Organic Trail Mix Salad $11.50
Organic mixed green salad tossed in house made blueberry poppyseed dressing top with trail mix nuts, fresh berry and feta cheese

Organic Garden House Salad $9.50
Organic mixed greens carrot, red cabbage, radish, cucumber, tomato, your choice of dressing
The Emporium Caesar Salad $10.00
Romaine lettuce, herb and garlic croutons, tossed in our house caesar dressing topped with country farm double smoked bacon and parmesan shavings


T&J Seafood Smoked Salmon $12.00
Locally smoked salmon, fennel slaw, herb woolwich goat cheese and bagel crisps
Crab Cake, Orange Chipotle Aioli $11.00
House made crab cake, baked in oven, served with orange, chipotle, garlic sauce
Asiago Cheese And Artichoke Dip $10.50
Oven baked spread made with Asiago cheese, garlic, marinated artichoke, served with French baguette crostini
Gooey and Cheesy Warm Bacon Dip $14.00
Cream cheese, 2 years old Balderson cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapeno pepper, Stone Hammer beer, garlic, baked in ramekin served with Flatbread.

Gourmet Burgers

NDE Beef Burger $17.00
Beef burger made with onion, garlic and our special seasoning served with lettuce, tomato, red onion on brioche bun.
Buffalo Burger $17
100% pure ground 8 oz Buffalo burger served with lettuce, tomato, red onion on brioche bun.
Indian Lamb burger $17.50
Lamb burger seasoned with onion, garlic and indian seasonning served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and our house made mango chutney on a sesame seed bun.
Salmon Burger $17.00
Salmon burger served with letuce, tomato, red onion and remoulade sauce on a egg bun.
Southwest Turkey Burger $17.00
Turkey burger served with jalapeno havarti cheese, letuce, tomato, avocado and our southwest salsa on cornmeal bun.


Warm Seafood Salad $20.00
Pan-fried tiger shrimps and sea scallops laced in garlic and dill sauce served around our organic garden salad with honey garlic dressing.
Mama's Meat Loaf $16.00
Bacon wrapped meat loaf made with beef, pork and vegetables served with gravy, seasonal vegetables and mashed potato
"Gerber Farm" Pork Schnitzel $17.00
Locally raised pork, house made schnitzel served with Wellesley apple sauce, seasonal vegetables and mashed potato
Liver and Onions $16.00
Pan seared beef liver with sautéed onions in a rich gravy served with seasonal vegetables and mashed potato
Pork Tourtiere $16.50
Lean ground pork, onion, potato pie served with house made grandma's sweet chili sauce
Heart warming Beef Pot Roast $17.00
Slow braised Canadian beef blade roast in red wine gravy and vegetables served with mashed yukon gold potato.


Leibold Farm Chicken Breast $27.00
Proscuitto and Provolone cheese stuffed chicken breast, served with herb sauce, fresh vegetables and potato
Sole fillet $29.00
Crab and scallop stuffed Sole fillet served with white wine dill sauce, fresh vegetables, and potato
Moroccan Lamb Shank $29.00
Fall off the bone Lamb shank slowly braised with dried fruit and Moroccan seasoning, served with roasted garlic mashed Yukon potato and fresh vegetables
Beef Tenderloin $32.00
served with Madeira wine sauce, seasonal vegetables and potato


Chocolate Brownie Supreme $8.00
Warm moist chocolate brownie covered with chocolate sauce and real vanilla ice cream
The Emporium Carrot Cake $8.00
Four layers of moist carrot cake with a cream cheese icing and toasted coconut sprinkled on the side
Cheesecake Feature $8.00
Ask your server for today's flavor
Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce $8.00
Served warm with real whiskey sauce
Country Pie of the Day $6.00
Add a scoop of ice cream or Devon style cream for $1.50
Lemon Shaker Pie $6.00
Double crusted pie with pure zesty lemon filling

Pure Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée $8.00
French custard flavored with pure vanilla bean and caramelized sugar
Mini Dessert Sampler Plate $8.00
Assorted mini dessert including; carrot cupcake, chocolate truffle cupcake, butter tart, maid of honor tart, shortbread cookie
Fresh Fruit Salad $6.00
Freshly made to order
Vanilla Ice Cream $3.75
Make it a sundae for $1.00 extra
Our Famous Butter Tart or Maid of Honor Tart (Raspberry jam with coconut cake topping) $2.75
Two Shortbread Cookies or Biscotti $1.75


Regular tea or coffee $2.75
Decaffeinated or flavored tea $2.75
Café latte $4.25
Café latte & biscotti $4.75
Expresso $3.50
Cappuccino $3.95
Hot Chocolate $3.00
Hot chai tea $3.50
Milk $2.75
Pop $2.75

Specialty Coffees and Teas

All of our coffees are 1 1/2 ounces of liqueur and topped with whipped cream

B-52 $8.50
Kahlua, Bailey's and Grand Marnier
Irish Coffee $8.50
Irish Whiskey, Irish Mist and Bailey's
Spanish Coffee $8.50
Brandy and Kahlua
Mexican Coffee $8.50
Nutty Gritty $8.50
Frangelico, Crème de Cacao
Nutty Irishman $8.50
Frangelico and Bailey's

B-52 $8.50
Kahlua, Bailey's and Grand Marnier
Irish Coffee $8.50
Irish Whiskey, Irish Mist and Bailey's
Spanish Coffee $8.50
Brandy and Kahlua
Mexican Coffee $8.50
Nutty Gritty $8.50
Frangelico, Crème de Cacao
Nutty Irishman $8.50
Frangelico and Bailey's
Bailey's Express $8.50
Bailey's and Amaretto

We Serve Afternoon tea from 2:00 till $4:30

High Tea is available from 11 to 4 with 24 hour notice

All our cakes are available to take home with 24 hour notice


The Dundeelicious Prix Fixed Menu is on holidays for the summer!

We will serve our regular dinner menus, plus a selection of gourmet features , using local produce. Patio pub menus will be available as well. Feature will include Oakridge Acres Farm 8oz Black Angus beef burger


Appetizer choices

Main course choices

Dessert Choices